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Solar-Powered Kit for Small Appliances


Our compact Solar-Powered Kit is designed for versatility, offering multiple connection interfaces to suit a variety of small household appliances. Easily connect and power devices with USB, Type-C, DC Plug, and more.



  • Multiple Connection Interfaces: Supports USB, Type-C, and DC Plug connections.
  • Versatile Appliance Support: Ideal for small fans, USB lamps, small LED bulbs, emergency phone charging, and more.
  • Customizable Panel Size: Tailor the solar panel size to meet your specific needs.


  • Accesories: 3W Solar Panel, 3M cable, with DC5.5 DC3.5 V3 V8 type-c, USB plug are availble

This Solar-Powered Kit offers a sustainable and convenient energy solution for a range of small household appliances, making it a practical choice for eco-conscious consumers.

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