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Two in One Retrofit Solar LED Roadway Fixture with Simple Bracket


Our Two in One Retrofit Solar LED Roadway Fixture, designed specifically for straight lighting poles. This fixture offers a cost-effective and easy installation solution, perfect for upgrading existing lighting infrastructure with the latest solar LED technology.



  • Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline Solar Panel
  • Lithium Battery: 2V 40~100AH
  • Color Temperature: 3,000-6,500K
  • LED Efficacy: 180-200lm/W
  • Installation Height: 3-5M


  • Lithium Battery: 2V with capacities ranging from 40 to 100AH, ensuring reliable energy storage.
  • Color Temperature: Adjustable between 3,000K and 6,500K to suit various lighting needs.
  • High Performance: Superior light output and energy efficiency, enhancing roadway visibility and safety.
  • Simple Brackets: Designed for easy installation, making the process quick and hassle-free.
Model No.: GSTRL60-100
Mark  Power: 60W
LED : 120pcs
LED Lumens: 180-200lm/W
CCT: 3,000K-6,500K
Solar Panel: Mono- Crystalline Solar Panel
Solar Panel: 35W
CRI: >70
Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate
3.2V 40AH
Working Time: 2-3 Rainy Days Backup
Charge Time: 4- 6 Hrs
Control mode: In-build Light Controller
Material: Die-Cast Housing
Installation Height: 4-6M
Housing Color: Grey
Holder Dia: 60mm
IP Class: IP65
Beam Angle: 135°x75°
LED Life Span: ≥ 30,000 hrs


Our Two in One Retrofit Solar LED Roadway Fixture is perfect for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Urban and suburban streets
  • Highways and expressways
  • Parking lots and pathways
  • Parks and recreational areas

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